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注) インストールする前に以下設定をしないとブランクページとなります。


Hljs Theme Picker cssカスタマイズ

"Edit CSS/HTML"をクリック


.hljs {
    padding: 1.25em !important;

注) テーマをアップデートすると上記設定はリセットされます。

Brand Header Theme Component

以下Font Awsomeによるアイコンリンクには fab- を付加すること。





<script src="https://forum.ficusonline.com/javascripts/embed-topics.js"></script>
            <d-topics-list discourse-url="https://forum.ficusonline.com" template="complete" per-page="4"></d-topics-list>


`template`: Either `complete` or `basic` (default). While basic is just a list of topic titles, the complete complete brings title, user name, user avatar, created at date, and topic thumbnail.

`per-page`: Number. Controls how many topics to return.

`category`: Number. Restrict topics to a single category. Pass the `id` of the target category

`allow-create`: Boolean. If enabled the embed will have a “New Topic” button.

`tags`: String. Restrict topics to ones associated with this tag.

`top_period`: One of `all, yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily`. If enabled will return the “Top” topics of the period.

スタイルシートは discouse の管理ページで指定

:root {
    background: transparent;

.topic-list-item, tr {
    border-bottom: none;

.topics-list .topic-list-item .topic-column-wrapper {
    display: flex;
    flex-direction: column;

.topics-list {
    width: 95%;

.topics-list .topic-list-item .main-link {
    border-bottom: 1pxsolidvar(--primary-low);
    padding: 0.5rem;
    width: 100%;
    border-bottom: none;

.topics-list .topic-list-item .topic-column-wrapper .topic-column.details-column {
    flex-direction: column;
    width: 100%;

.topics-list .topic-list-item .topic-column-wrapper .topic-column.featured-image-column .topic-featured-image img {
    max-width: 100%;
    max-height: none;

.topics-list .topic-list-item .main-link a {
    color: #dee2e6;

.topics-list .topic-list-item .main-link a:visited {
    color: #dee2e6;

span.topic-author-username {
    color: #bdbdbd;
    font-size: xx-small;

.topics-list .topic-list-item .topic-column-wrapper .topic-column.details-column .topic-last-posted-at, .topics-list .topic-list-item .topic-column-wrapper .topic-column.details-column .topic-created-at, .topics-list .topic-list-item .topic-column-wrapper .topic-column.details-column .topic-stats {
    color: var(--primary-medium);
    font-size: small;

Content Security Policy対応

Admin > Customize > Embedding


Remove old domain name from any site settings

Visit /admin/site_settings and query for any settings that contain the old site name.

Edit Discourse site name in app.yml

:mega: Alternatively, you can run ./discourse-setup again and input the new domain information instead of editing app.yml.

Edit the hostname line in app.yml

From the root directory where you installed Discourse you can run the follow to edit your app.yml file

$ cd /var/discourse
$ sudo nano containers/app.yml

Then find and edit:

## The domain name this Discourse instance will respond to
DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME: 'talk.bar.com'

(Also, if you are using a CDN, turn it off now by commenting out that line in the app.yml. You can turn it back on later.)

After the change, rebuild:

$ sudo ./launcher rebuild app

Once you do this, your site will only respond to the new domain name.

Replace all instances of the old name with the new name in posts

All the existing posts will still refer to the old domain. Let’s fix that:



$ sudo ./launcher enter app


# discourse remap talk.foo.com talk.bar.com

(If you don’t have discourse binary, you can use the rake version: bundle exec rake posts:remap["talk.foo.com", "talk.bar.com"])

answer its paranoia prompt, and finally

# rake posts:rebake

Discourse Advertising

Google Adsense

What if the ads.txt file is hosted on a subdomain? サブドメインの指定について

Google crawls and enforces ads.txt files placed on subdomains, where one exists, and is referenced from the ads.txt file on the root domain.

To reference a subdomain in your root domain ads.txt file, you add a subdomain= declaration. For example, let’s say your ads.txt file for example.com needs to reference the subdomain subdomain.example.com. You’d add this line to your root domain ads.txt file: subdomain=subdomain.example.com. See the IAB ads.txt specification for additional details on subdomain referral.

注) サブドメインがルートドメインと同一のIDの場合には、必要のない処置です。

Note: You only need to do this if the authorized seller or your publisher ID are different for the subdomain when compared to the root domain.

Amazon アソシエイト